Thursday, January 1, 2015

Live Simply

I am in a book club and we read a book a month. This month the chosen book is "The Secret." I am a realist. I don't read fantasy and I need to know what I read can truly happen. This isn't fantasy or fiction. I guess I would categorize it as "Self Help." Not my usual genre choice, but it is speaking to me. And it is reminding me that I am in charge of one major thing in my life--my own thoughts. So I am choosing to start 2015 out on a good thought...this will be a great year. It will be the year I demolish the negative voice in my head and I will live simply. That doesn't mean I'll live like the Amish. But I will live without worrying and fretting, enjoy the journey, and I will take care of myself. So there may be times you see posts about how I am doing that. Welcome 2015!

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