Monday, August 31, 2015

Whimsical Gallery Wall

My "office" is in my basement.  I work on signs and sew pillows and curtains down there while the washer and dryer hum away. When we bought this house the basement had a door...and our Weimaraner named Otto decided he didn't like having a door because he was put behind the basement door when we left. He had separation anxiety. The door was shredded by his claws. After 13 years Otto went to doggy heaven and we had to deal with the missing basement door.  I decided we didn't need a door, just retrim the opening and I will have a gallery wall.
For how large this house feels when I'm cleaning it, there isn't a lot of wall space.  I like whimsical and goofy saying and random things that didn't "go" with the rest of the house.  I needed a spot to display those things I just couldn't get rid of (yes I border on being a hoarder.)
My husband isn't a fan of the "gallery wall." Every time he carries something large up or down the stairs he swears a lot.  But he gets over it.
Scrapbook paper and bird stickers start the art tour ;)

A good reminder every day.  And obviously I have a thing for birds.

A reminder to eat vegetables....

Another good reminder, one that I am not good at....

My littles. They will always be my littles even when they play high school football and decide they love fashion and high heels.

Tommy's self portrait will forever hang in my house.  Forever. He was 5 when he drew it.

I have a thing for cow art.  When I was very young my mom married my step-dad.  I don't even like to call him that.  He's my dad, but I have a dad who passed away when I was two so he's my second-dad.  That's better.  Anyway, he is from Chatham and there were cow fields all around my grandmother's house.  We LOVED to stop and look at the cows.  My brother was about two at the time and he loved the moo-cows (as he called them).  Their faces are so serene and their eyes so kind. 

The center print below the cow says "Be a fruit  loop in a world full of cheerios."  My kids love this saying. They read it often and chuckle.  I figure if  I get through to them in little ways it will stick with them as they get older :)

This artist does such pretty, colorful art.  Katie Daisy is on Etsy. 

Those pictures are not of my family...someday I'll get to that. The wreath is a hamper lid and a second hand plastic boxwood wreath.  I like to layer my clothes and my home accessories.

Another Katie Daisy print.

Everyone should have a spot in their home to put the things you just like.  They don't have to make any sense to anyone but you :)