Sunday, September 22, 2013

To Live a Life of Grace, Not Perfection

Life sometimes has a funny way of taking over.  And then I remember that I want to live a life of grace, not perfection.  My focus wasn't this blog, but don't think that I wasn't actually monkeying around with my house.  That is my hobby, my fun, my escape.  And I have been slowly working on getting things done...

One of my many ongoing projects includes added molding to the doors upstairs and painting them black.  What a huge difference it makes. 

I'm done with the large floral pattern.  Time for a more simple design.  That will be a winter mom ordered a creamy yellow and white scroll pattern wallpaper and decided she didn't like it. It's FREE and that makes my day.  But it's also classic and will go well with my d├ęcor. Unfortunately, the walls are old and not pretty enough to just paint.  Someday lot of money to have a drywaller fix them for me. That's not even on my list of priorities right now. 


And I forgot to take before pictures.  What kind of blogger am I?? I was too anxious to get them. done. They were hollow core, unfinished, ugly doors. 
A sneak peak of another project for next time....