Saturday, January 24, 2015

Yes, We Only Have One Bathroom...Unless You Count the Toilet that Sits in the Open in Our Basement

I think that someday soon we will feel the effects of having only one bathroom.  Emma is approaching her tween years and I imagine the fight for bathroom time is coming.  For now we manage pretty well.  I make sure I am up and pretty much ready before I get the kids out of bed for school.  I grew up as the oldest of 11 children and we had to have a "shower schedule" for the morning.  I was lucky to be the oldest because my younger sister used to get up at 5:45 to shower and then got back into bed.  If she didn't she was out of luck because the older kids and dad got first dibs at the better times.  It won't get that bad around here...I hope. 
My favorite part of the bathroom is my Lake Superior Upper Peninsula vintage map that I found on Etsy.  It was meant to be in this room. 

This bathroom has been 3 different colors since we moved in.  Originally it was a beautiful fruit and floral wallpaper (that was chosen by the previous owners in the 1970's), then I painted it a blue color, and then a pink color, and then I finally decided that I had to try to mask the ugly, old, faux marble sink and I painted the walls to match that yellow.  This room is our "someday" room.  It's going to take some money, time, and energy to remodel. I live with what we have until I am ready to gut it.

When we moved in years ago the vanity was a faux wood and it was UGLY.  My brother helped me reface the cabinet and it looks much better than it did. 

The shower curtain is fabric I found at  I have found some great deals on fabric on this website.  I paid $3.99 per yard for this fabric.  I have ordered from them many times. 

The framed pieces are all scrapbooking "stuff."  Sometimes I am just too cheap to purchase "art" so I use what I have.  Scrapbooking paper comes in great colors and designs.  

There are no windows in this room, so no natural light.  I am not afraid to use fake greenery.  It helps bring life to a room and I don't have to worry about a plant dying.  

My poor husband gets a leg workout every time he takes a shower because the shower head is so low.  Whoever built the house must have been very short because I'm only 5'4" and I just fit under the shower head.  I found a shower heard that curved up and tilts and I think that helps John a little, but his leg muscles are definitely more defined after he showers ;)

I have had multiple different chairs in this spot over the years.  Old painted ones that broke, a stool, a slipcovered chair that I ended up putting with its pair in the living room, and finally this wicker chair that is sturdy and I think perfect for the spot. And notice that the scale is clear glass.  I hoped it would disappear more easily that way -- but it's still there telling me to face reality and step on!! 

The rugs are from  The floor is vinyl faux wood sticky tiles.  I put them in 10 years ago and they are holding up well.  Someday I will put in a vintage looking octagon tile floor.  But for now this one cleans up really well. 

I mentioned that we have another toilet, but I would never call it a "bathroom".  There would have been some major accidents if we didn't have this crazy toilet in the basement.  Someday I will show you my dungeon.  For an old concrete basement, I think I've made it cheerful with paint and fabric.
P.S. The skirt on the sink was attached to the sink with a hot glue gun :) 

I don't know if it's kosher to show my toilets on the internet, but hey...everyone has at least one.  And I've already shown you my outhouse, so I figured it couldn't be that bad.

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