Sunday, January 25, 2015

An Old Prom Dress is Now a Flower Pin

Are you a crafter/DIY'er?  I am, obviously.  And I love reusing something old to make something new.  And I love flowers. I laugh when I look at my blog posts describing my rooms.  Every room is floral.  My poor husband...nah, I really don't feel that bad about it ;) I love flowers!
I found this old prom dress at St. Vinnie's, or should I be more proper and say St. Vincent DePaul's?  Nah, we aren't that formal around here...I cut up formal dresses.
The fabric should be satin.  Old prom or bridesmaid dresses are perfect.  And the netting can also be used.  Cut the fabric in multiple size circles. They don't have to be perfect. 

Hold the fabric about an inch or so away from the flame -- DO NOT touch the flame.  You will start a fire and if you live in my town my husband will have to come and put it out.  I will be pretty embarrassed when you tell the fire chief that I am the reason your house started in fire. Listen to me, do not touch the fabric to the flame. 

The longer you hold the fabric near the flame the more the fabric will curl. 

You can use a green dress to make leaves, or ribbon works well, too. 

The leaves can be folded and manipulated.

I also cut up some of the netting and melted the edges a bit. 

Layer your pieces together to make sure you like the look.  Make them as large or as small as you want.

I folded the leaf and hot glued it in place.

You can hand sew or hot glue the layers together.  Sometimes I'm lazy and I just use hot glue.  Sometimes I want to use tiny beads and I hand sew.  Today I used hot glue. 

The flowers can be put on headbands, pins, alligator clips, or whatever you can come up with.  I have seen a belt made of ribbon with multiple flowers attached to it for the waist of a dress. That would be adorable for a little girls dress. 

A little green felt and glue attach the pin to the back of the flower. 

And the finished product. 

This is a floral belt I found on Pinterest.  I think it would be so cute on a flower girl or Easter dress. You will notice that you can also use a sheer satin fabric, too, for a more delicate looking flower.   You can get creative with the beads or buttons in the center. 

fabric flower brooch corsage pin in parfait pink and gray froth

I have made these flowers as gifts and they do not look "handmade" to me. Craft on!

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