Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Living Room – Where We Truly Live

Sometimes I get annoyed with the amount of space we have in our house.  It’s not a small house at about 2,000 square feet, but there is not a family room or a first floor bathroom.  The living room is the only “living space” in our house.  It’s where the computer is and where the television is.  It’s where we visit and lounge and read and entertain.  There is not another space to send the kids when they want to have friends over.  This room is lived in. 
The coffee table was originally a thrift store kitchen table that I rolled to the garage one day and asked my husband to shorten.  He looked at me like I was a crazy lady, which is the look I get often, and he took out the saw and cut it down, just like I trained him—ask no questions and just do as he is told ;)  It has been painted multiple times because the kids colored on it, played with play dough on it, painted on it, ate on it, climbed on it, and who knows whatever else on it.  The paint was getting irreparable on the top, so I stripped only the top and stained and sealed it.  
I didn’t want a big, reclining leather sofa in my living room.  My dream was white slipcovered sofas that evoke a nice cottage feel.  I guess my husband wasn’t so far off in thinking I was crazy.  But I was smart and agreed to a leather couch as long as it wasn’t “too puffy.”  Kids can spill on it and dogs can come in with muddy paws and it only needs to be wiped down.  Easiest piece of furniture I have ever owned!
The rug is from Overstock.com.  One thing I have learned from kids and dogs is that good rugs are worth the expense.  The rug is wool and it cleans beautifully and is holding up well for all of the traffic.  Plus I find that patterned rugs hide stains and spills better.
We live in this room, literally.


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